Sunday, January 31

I'm Not From Around Here

I’m certainly not in the south anymore. Well, some people may consider me in the south, but the 6”-7” of snow we got Friday and Saturday and I beg to differ.

That’s right, kids and kittens. This little transplanted Georgia Peach is currently living through her first snow-induced state of emergency. And you know what? It’s not that bad, minus the part about be limited to campus and the area immediately around campus. But I’m managing nicely.

(I feel like the little kid from "A Christmas Story")

Yesterday, Roomie-Dearest, Westchester, Mr. Jackson, Frenchie* and a handful of other people and I put on as many layers as we could find and ventured out into the snow for a few hours of frolicking. When the cold became too much, Westchester, Frenchie and I returned to our warm rooms to strip off our soaking clothes and defrost. I defrosted with the help of some Hot Mess Cocoa.

The rest of the afternoon was spent under the covers with my latest pleasure read-Julie and Julia. Crazy was supposed to host a social for all us ruggirls, but she decided to do some peyote, so that fell through. I wasn’t terribly disappointed, though. Pizza and beer just didn’t appeal to me.

You know what did appeal to me? Biting Gummy Bears**! I whipped up a batch of those for Roomie-Dearest, Westchester and I to enjoy as we re-applied our layers before venturing out to Country’s (with another thermos of Hot Mess Cocoa in hand). Once there I spent most of my time with the Minimalist since I haven’t been seeing him as much as I would like. We ended up going home together, where we had a very unexpected talk.

Apparently, he wants to take me out to sushi. That may sound like a straight-forward great date. I love sushi. He offered to take out me completely out of the blue. All great things. But there’s more! In his circle of friends, a sushi date means you’re official. He emphasized that point by listing off all the established couples who had been on sushi dates. Does this mean him and I are about to become an established couple?

It would appear so. I certainly never saw this coming. Not bad timing, though, because Papa and co are coming for a visit in February. Looks like somebody is meeting the parents.

*Frenchie-a delightful New Orleans native with a mouth and a tolerance like a sailor, but also one of the most genuinely nice people you’ll ever meet.

**Biting Gummy Bears-gummy bears (preferably Haribo because they’re delicious and they hold up better than cheap ones) soaked in vodka for a handful of hours, until everything melds together to form a bowl of sticky goodness.

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