Tuesday, February 9

Pink Highlighter

Sorry for being a stranger lately. It’s not that I’ve been terribly busy, it’s just that things haven’t been terribly exciting. So let me hit the highlights (done with a pink highlighter, to be festive):

I made some delicious drinky drinks that you should try as soon as you get that chance (which probably means as soon as you get Triple Sec, because very few people have that lying around).

Despite the fact that I am taking a class on the history and literature of New Orleans I did not watch the Super Bowl.

I did get some super cute personalized Saints M&Ms, though, courtesy of Frenchie.

We have our first rugby game of the season this Saturday and I’m scared shitless. Why, you ask? Because yesterday was the first time we’ve touched a rugby ball in weeks because the fields have been closed due to snow that refuses to melt. And I’m still yet to make it through more than one complete practice this semester.

Why, you ask? F-ing asthma has either got me coughing up a lung or seeing stars. Oh, and the icing on this cupcake—we still don’t have a full team. But as always, if we don’t win the game we’ll be sure to win the social.

Papa and co, and Brother are coming to visit soon. I’m really excited to see them all. AND the Minimalist is going to finally meet my family. I’m nervous about that. Not so much that they won’t like him (which is probably 50-50), but that this is a big step. I don’t know if I’m ready for any big steps.

Mother sent me a Fargo hat because that is the one piece of cold-weather gear that I was lacking. It’s great.

My inspiration.

Up? I feel Russian.

Down? I’m a bunny.

Valentines Day is coming up. Whether the Minimalist will actually do anything for it is highly doubtful. Luckily, having a Valentine has never really been that important to me. Westchester, Roomie-Dearest, Frenchie and I are planning our own little party to ensure we get yummy pink and red candy (and to annoy Frenchie’s horribly cynical, bitter and generally unattractive roommate).

I’m beginning to get involved with an amazing viral art project that benefits the children of New Orleans. It’s called the Fundred Dollar Bill project. The gist of it is that there is an extremely high level of toxic lead in the soil in New Orleans, which gives anyone (mainly children) who drink the water lead poisoning, which has been linked to learning disabilities, lower test scores and higher rates of violent crime. All bad stuff, right? Well the artist, Mel Chin, found a way to fix the lead problem all for the low low price of $300,000,000. Mel said he couldn’t raise the money, but he could make it.

So he made a blank $100 template and is asking anyone and everyone to color it in and he’ll trade them to Congress for real money. That’s about as condensed as it gets, but it is super cool. Have you made your Fundred?


  1. Hey now, this is Frenchie. :]
    Excited to annoy the cynical, and how did you put it, "bitter and generally unattractive roommate"! Go rugby! :]]

  2. I certainly can't wait! We need to get on the decorating to allow for maximum annoyance time.
    And if we really want to kick the annoyance/mockery up a notch I saw some pink marshmallows at Target the other day. haha