Friday, January 1

Happy New Decade!

Regardless of whether or not you remember when the clock struck midnight, ushering in a brand new decade, it is the New Year. I do remember the dropping of the ball and my toasting of it, like the last few days of the Old Year, was a complete whirlwind.

Papa and Co left early New Year’s Eve Eve. I woke not too long after and headed up to the “Big” City to meet up with Dustin so he could take me on my first outing to the aquarium, where we spent a lovely afternoon stepping over children and debating which fish would taste best.

From there I zoomed over to meet up with ChiChi* and Twin for an ah-maze-ing performance by the Dynamites featuring Charles Walker, the master of funk and soul himself, and Band of Horses. Going into the show I had no clue who was opening for Band of Horses, but it didn’t take long for the funk and soul to win me over and get ChiChi and I boogying happily. Twin was a tad impatient. After an hour of “doing it with soul” Band of Horses came out of their little house and assumed their positions on the Spanish moss covered stage. While they were quite the dramatic shift from the suit wearing Dynamites, it was a shift I was more than willing to make. Three hours after we entered the venue, we emerged into the cold, rainy city still feeling the funk.

New Year’s Eve found me in a car with ChiChi and Adult heading to the beach, where we would be met by Green Bean, the Fertilizer**, Twin, Mr. Milley and Chihuahua***, for two nights of drinking, cooking, and good ole fashioned fun. After a quick jaunt to Piggly Wiggly I assumed my rightful position slaving over pots and pans and a big wood cutting board to prepare classy little hor d’eouvres. Chicken curry wraps were my favorite from the evening:

2 chicken breasts plain, low-fat yogurt

raisins dry roasted cashews

celery curry powder

5 tortillas

Slice chicken into small bites and cook in a lightly oiled pan over medium-high heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat once fully cooked. Chop as much celery as you’d like into small pieces and combine that with chicken and as many raisins and cashews. Add yogurt to the mixture, creating as much sauce as you’d like. Begin adding curry powder until the sauce is a mustard yellow color. Steam tortillas by wrapping them in damp dish towels and warming in the oven. Wrap the curry in the tortillas.

Once the food was on the table I mixed myself a strong vodka and seltzer and the festivities began. Adult got really drunk. We smoked the Fertilizer’s hookah. Twin, ChiChi and I kissed at midnight. I introduced Green Bean and the Fertilizer to champagne. Adult passed out first and ChiChi drew on his face.

I woke up this morning with a headache and the spins, then a bought of nausea compliments of Twin talking about her morning with the porcelain god. A cup of tea and a bowl of Captain Crunch with Berries cured everything. And a little bit of DJ Hero and pizza helped, too. Our two night stay got shortened to one when most of the people in my ride home felt like nursing their hangovers in their own beds.

And now it’s the New Year, a new decade, and while I feel no different I’m optimistic about the future. Resolutions will be coming shortly.

*ChiChi-formerly known as Coco.

**The Fertilizer-Green Bean’s friend who, due to his baggy pants and boxers, we assume to have a high sperm count

***Chihuahua-Twin’s friend from school. She’s a super cool darling and if she were a dog I imagine she would be a laid back long haired Chihuahua.

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