Twin-one of my dearest friends from home. We have the same last name; no relation though.
Mr. Milly-Twin's boyfriend.
ChiChi-my other dearest friends from home. A energetic little SMexi. 
Green Bean-ChiChi's boyfriend.
Roomie-Dearest Nickname-my first roommate and a dear friend.
Westchester-my soon to be second roommate. A devilishly funny Yankee.
The Minimalist-introduced to me as "the drunk in the corner," this Irish boy from Vermont has kept me occupied all year.
Cesar-Roomie's high school friend and one of the Minimalist's roommates. He's a large black man with one dreadlock and a position of royalty within a Native American tribe.
Country-a massive man with a heart to match. His biggest concern is that everybody has a good time at all the wonderful parties he throws and he has an intense love of Michael Jackson. 
Sexster-another of the Minimalist’s roommates. He’s got a lip ring, a nipple piercing and a good libido, though he rarely gets a chance to exercise it.
Coosie-the fourth roommate, also known as the silent roommate because he’s always with his girlfriend. During a P Safe search, his room was declared a health hazard.
GoodMan-a friend of the Minimalist's who rarely wears a shirt while partying, has a lip ring and a tattoo, a taste for freshman and is a genuinely nice guy.
Ginger-one of my sophomore 'mates. Hilarious, from a great town I have a special tie to, and she misses the music scene as much as me.
Nugget-the cutest, tiniest Peruvian girl I’ve ever met.
Mr. Jackson-a fellow resident of the Dirty Dirty. While we don't see each other much, we can talk about anything. He's like a brother.
Hookar-one of my sophomore 'mates. She's a bit of an acquired taste, but in the best possible way.
Arch Enemy-a guy I’d met at a party who, for whatever reason, I decided I very much hated. It was mutual at the time. Now it's quite the opposite. 
Tucker-one of the leading Republicans and an occasional rugglet, who tucks in every shirt every time.
Blondie-a cross-country boy with blonde hair, blue eyes and oodles of sweet, easy charm.
Connecticut-the epitome of an affluent, Northeastern Republican. He’s got curly blonde hair, which he parts on the side.
Asshole-a “dear” friend of the Minimalist’s who is infamous for his ability to offend, degrade and thoroughly belittle anybody and everybody he comes into contact with. But he’s a great guy, because he treats everyone equally.

Pure- a nice little straight-edge Peruvian boy.
ManLove-the Minimalist’s best friend and freshman roommate. He no longer goes here (and isn’t supposed to leave his state) so a visit from him is a treat.
Babs-a ruggirl from the Dirty Dirty who has been dating ManLove long distance for quite a while.

Pollock-a rugglet and good friend of Mr. Jackson
Boy Scout-a friend of the Pollock and Mr. Jackson. He’s a tennis player, a super-sweet guy, and a card-carrying member of the 6-pack club.

The Fertilizer-Green Bean’s friend who, due to his baggy pants and boxers, we assume to have a high sperm count

Chihuahua-Twin’s friend from school. She’s a super cool darling and if she were a dog I imagine she would be a laid back long haired Chihuahua.
Crazy-Cesar’s slightly-unhinged, but super sweet (now less sweet, ex) girlfriend.

Adult-the only ex that I’m actually friends with.

DeVirgin-one of the cutest and nicest guys I’ve met here and a good friend of the Minimalist and co. He’s a senior, dating a ruggirl and lost his virginity last year.
Big Baby-looks like a big, adorable 4th grader, complete with a bowl-cut.

Spacey-a sophomore 'mate. She's a bit disconnected with reality, but wonderfully fun at parties.

Homegirl-a sophomore 'mate. She transfered in and is just plain nice.

CC-another sophomore 'mate. She's a community college transfer. 'Nuff said.