Thursday, January 14

This is a Food Revolution, Not a Food Fight

Remember my onion flavored cake resolution about eating better? The one that included eating healthier food, more vegetables, less processed foods and learning to enjoy food? I realize it was a bit vague and I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish it.

All my questions were answered in the form of a Barnes & Noble gift card. After having the gift card for less than 2 days it was burning a hole in my pocket and my shelves were begging for another book so I headed over with no real intentions. Because it is January and other people have made similar resolutions (lose 50lbs so I can find my penis, get buns of aluminum because steel is too ambitious, cook 0 calorie food, etc) the display of books at the front was chock-full-o-diet and exercise books. That being a topic I’m always eager to learn more about, I began my happy afternoon of browsing there. It wasn’t long before I had seen enough books promoting a flat abs diet or (this is a first) a Christian approach to dieting to convince me that I would find nothing of use or interest. Right as I was about to walk away something caught my eye.

Could it be?

Why yes, it was her. Staring at me from the cover of a simple but elegant white paperback was none other than Bethenny Frankel, the non-housewife from Real Housewives of New York (a guilty pleasure). She is a self-proclaimed “ball-buster,” a well-respected natural food chef and a SkinnyGirl.

What’s a SkinnyGirl?

I had no clue either until I read the book cover to cover in something like 5 days. It was that good. So allow me to explain/persuade you to the SkinnyGirl lifestyle (no Kool Aid or track suits involved, I promise):

A SkinnyGirl is what we can all be if we learn to break our “Heavy Habits,” embrace new “Thin Thoughts,” and follow her rules to becoming “naturally thin.” I realize this sounds crazy and like every other diet or eating plan you’ve heard. Believe me, when I began the rules I was skeptical. And the first couple of times I encountered a “Thin Thoughts” blurb I had flashes to pro-ana, pro-mia websites (pro-anorexia, pro-bulimia-scary shit). But it didn’t take long for me to realize the simple wisdom in what she was saying.

The Rules:

Your diet is a bank account

You can have it all, just not all at once

Taste everything, eat nothing

Pay attention

Downsize now!

Cancel your membership in the clean plate club

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Know thyself

Get real

Good for you

Obviously, those are a lot different from the usual no sugar, no bread, only grapefruit rules of most diet books. That’s because this isn’t a diet. Think of it as relationship counseling for your relationship with food. I know I’m beginning to sound fruity, but it really is the truth.

I could continue to gush about my newly discovered food-gem, but I know I’m going to sound crazy/gullible/hired/cultish. I suggest picking up a copy of the book if you’ve got the lovehate relationship with food that I always had. It’s worth the money if for no other reason than it includes some delicious-sounding recipes for Skinny cocktails, zucchini soufflĂ©, and vegan coconut cupcakes.

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