Saturday, January 2

Resolutions Schmesolutions, finalized

As promised I have my updated and finalized list of New Year’s resolutions.

Make better decisions

This resolution was spurred by a decision that I need to make regarding my summer. I need to do an internship. By need I really mean that I would consider myself a lazy bum if I don’t. My option: A) get an easy internship in my town at a place that I already have experience, B) get an internship in a field I don’t have any experience with on the opposite coast, but that could be highly lucrative and beneficial, or C) get an internship that excites me more than anything, but that might be more beneficial to me later on. I need to make this decision based on what’s best for me, my education and future career, not on how much time I’ll get to spend with my friends or where I’ll spend my birthday.

Along a similar vein, allow me to channel my former cheerleading self—“Be aggressive. Be be aggressive. B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E.” Believe it or not, I tend towards being a bit shy and soft spoken. I need to start identifying exactly what I need to do to accomplish my numerous and ambitious goals and doing it, without letting unimportant and imaginary obstacles get in my way.

Was that enough of a pep talk for you? I thought so.

Eat Better

This one has several layers, like a cake. Or an onion. I openly and proudly admit that I have a very strong lovehate relationship with food. I lovelovelove to eat and cook and read about food and watch Food Network. My foodbabies (all of which I name) and ability to eat are admired by all. I hatehatehate that most of the really good and crave worthy foods are the worst for you and that my indulgences usually leave me feeling nauseous. I need to break up with fast food and fully immerse myself in all the goodness healthier food has to offer. I also need to learn how to enjoy food more, rather than simply shoveling massive quantities of it in my mouth. Some of the layers of this cake flavored onion include: attempting to be a vegetarian, maybe even a vegan, for a few weeks, cutting out processed foods (including my new love-Capn Crunch), cook more meat (during the weeks I’m not a vegetarian/vegan, of course) and eating more vegetables (I recently discovered a taste for roasted tomatoes and found an interesting recipe for cauliflower). Which leads me into my last, biggest, and favorite resolution…

Complete a Marathon

I come from a family of fitness enthusiasts. As the more literary and less athletically inclined in the bunch, I have often wondered if I was switched at birth. Recently, though, the winds have changed and I’ve begun discovering my deeply buried love for elastic-laced sneakers and fitness magazines. In an attempt to further inundate myself into my family’s sweaty ways I’m going to follow in Papa’s footsteps and complete a marathon. He’s run several. I plan to simply finish one. Mother—the non-runner in the family—thinks I’m crazy. Part of my training will also include a half marathon. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

I think I’ve set my sights on the Rock N’ Roll Marathon in San Diego, CA and either the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in Outer Banks, NC or the Easter Bunny Run Half Marathon in Clemson, SC (hosted by the Clemson University triathlon club, of which Brother is a member). If you decide to follow my lead and hit the pavement (just the sound of that makes my shin splints hurt), here’s a list of the most walker-friendly marathons.

I haven’t made official resolutions in quite a while mainly because I never stuck to them or took the time to think about them. My hope is that by putting them out there I’ll be more likely to stick to them. Which is where you come in…make me stick to them. Bug me. Kick my ass. Keep me honest. I’ll thank you for your efforts with a delicious, nutritious and maybe even vegan meal (or at least recipes for one).

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