Friday, December 11

First Date?

Are you ready to be amazed? I mean, really amazed? Yes? Okay, hold on to your seats, pants, genitals, etc…
I went on a date last night. A real, legit for shit date. With the Minimalist.
Is that a look of shocked disbelief on your face? No, this is not a sign of the apocalypse.
A week or so ago I had gotten up the liquid courage to ask him on a non-descript date for sometime in the future. He agreed with no hesitation at all. Then on Sunday, as I was giving him a back massage after I played several games of touch, he asked if I liked Thai food and if I was free this week. I said yes to both and our non-descript date for sometime in the future turned into a descript date in the very near future. After a couple of texts yesterday, it was officially set: he was to pick me up from my room at 7:30.
Of course, Westchester and Roomie-Dearest began acting like it was prom, talking about my hair and threatening to take pictures. I, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber, mainly because I already knew what I was going to wear.
Over fall break, in a random act of extreme bonding with Sister, I went to one of my absolute favorite stores—H&M. There I found the most amazing dress—black, V-neck, exposed zipper all the way down the front, hugs my curves in all the right places, and only $25. Score one for me! I bought it, vowing not to wear it at school until I went on my first college date. Several months later that day finally arrived and that dress, paired with macramé pink stocking and black flats, was perfect.
The Minimalist arrived, fifteen minutes late and looking amazing in jeans, Converse, a blue button-down and his favorite pinstripe blazer, and we left without a single picture being snapped. From there we ventured to a lovely little Thai place where we ate our fill of super delicious food:
Steamed pork dumplings as an appetizer, spicy chicken and green beans with the perfect amount of spice and a very good chicken to bean ratio for me and spicy mint beef for him. So damn tasty.
After dinner we headed over to his place where a crowd of people were gathered and gathering, all of who made a big deal out of our first date. He kept telling people that I’d been putting out for months so he figured he owed me dinner. While that statement is completely true, I wasn’t the only one who could see through his nonchalant attitude. Needless to say, I got several hi-fives for, as Cesar put it, winning.
You’re damn right I won!
We hung out there for a while, watched the season finale of It’s Always Sunny, Cesar interrogated me on my sex life, and it was lovely. My night ended with a g’night kiss when he went off to play pong and I returned to my room, thoroughly exhausted and satisfied.
Does this mean him and I are actually dating?

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