Friday, December 18

End of a Semester

Finals ended yesterday. I studied for 5 hours straight, 10 hours total for my thoroughly antiquated art history exam. All of that stress and time in hopes of attaining the unobtainable—a 4.0 first semester of freshman year. This is the semester that’s supposed to destroy a person’s GPA; dig a hole they’re trying to climb out of the rest of their college careers. Will I get it?

At 10 o’clock yesterday when I walked back into my room after the test I sure as hell didn’t give a fuck. All I cared about was my flask and some Animal Collective. (I’ll let you know when I find out.)

From there, Roomie-Dearest and I reminisced over a bottle of pink champagne and pastries from Fresh Market. After a time of that Westchester came over and together we ventured over to Big Baby’s for, what he described as, some “festive day drinking.”

You had me at “festive,” says the girl craving Christmas.

It was a lovely time, which included a lost game of pong, a few pouches of fruit snacks and a date invitation from Dustin*. I, of course, said no, but it was nice to be asked.

From there Crazy** and Country accompanied Roomie and me back to our abode for a game of Kings*** and general noise making. The three of them eventually departed for some greener pastures, while I traipsed over to the Minimalist’s for a “nap”. By nap, I of course mean some lovin’. I would have been thoroughly content to lay in his bed naked until I had to get up this morning, but he had other plans. We spent some time gathered in DeVirgin’s place with a large collection of other people, most of who will be abroad for the spring.

Despite the relatively early hour, I was a zombie thanks to the perfect storm of a 6:45 wake-up call, exam and marathon drinking. So much so that when we “finally” returned to the Minimalist’s apartment I fell fast asleep on his shoulder. He woke me up so I could walk to his room, undress and both of us could cuddle up under the covers. We woke up this morning still cuddling. It was almost nauseatingly cute, especially for us.

The annoying ringing of one of my many, varying alarms interrupted the nausea to remind me that I didn’t do any of the packing I had planned to yesterday. That meant I had to pack, load my car and hug g’bye to the girls in less than 2 hours and you better believe I did it, with enough time to spare to be able to find myself, once again, in my favorite bed.

After a while I was on the road like Kerouac, driving through the first snow of the year and singing loudly to my favorite of all mixes (made by Twin). Besides a little bit of expected traffic and realizing I left my wallet in my room not to be seen till January, the 8 hours of me-time wasn’t half bad.

I got home just in time for some warm food, a cold beer and chocolate ice cream with Twin. And tomorrow, I get to spend a few luxurious hours grocery shopping and taking full advantage of a real kitchen.

Happy Merry!

*Dustin-his name isn’t Dustin, but he looks like it could be. He’s a really nice rugglet.

**Crazy-Cesar’s slightly-unhinged, but super sweet girlfriend.

***Kings-a drinking game involving a circle of cards. Also known as Ring of Fire or Circle of Death.

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