Saturday, May 1

The End, in brief

I'll have more to say, more thoughtful reflection and introspection shortly. It will probably come as I make the trek back "home" Thursday. Until then, I have this to offer:
My finals, and thus my freshman year, are over. In celebration I drank some Guilford Golden Ale (only fitting, right?) then headed to Arch Enemy's with Westchester for an afternoon and evening of beer pong (as a team, Arch Enemy and I are very compatible), dancing, dogs and a little drama.
The drama was stupid, as it always is, but it caused me to come to a couple more realizations. Those will be shared later, once they're fully developed.
After leaving I was supposed to go with the girls to an impromptu bonfire, but instead I stayed in my room, ate my weight in hummus, and fell into a fitful sleep.
And now I'm writing again.

I hope that holds you over.

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