Monday, May 10

Bad News

You know Papa's beach house? The house that allowed my Spring Break to be as drunkenly, independently awesome as it was?
Well, it burned down Sunday night.
Before you begin sitting shiva, you should know it didn't burn to the ground. There are still parts left, but it's pretty bad.
^All the units^
^The back^
^Our front door^
^The site of many passed out nights^
^Where I cooked my first vegan meals and mixed such delicious/deadly drinks^
^Westchester and Roomie's room^
^Where the porch used to be. Take notice of the living room furniture.^
Get the full story here.
We're planning on rebuilding, but as you can guess it'll take a while.

1 comment:

  1. this made me tear up a bit. even though i havent been there since junior year, but i did pass out on that couch.