Wednesday, April 28

Long, Sweet and Perfect

Those three words describe my night last night (not how I feel today after going to bed at 6am).
I stayed up way past my bedtime with Arch Enemy. And normally, I value sleep more than a tub full of perfectly concocted Hello Jello, but I would happily sacrifice it again and again for a night like last night.
It took three dogs

and a few hours of adult conversation (which is something I feel like I'm sorely lacking most of the time), but I finally get it. As I was finally laying down in bed last night, with the words that passed between the two of us still reverberating around in my head, so many things clicked.
I understand why I feel the way I do about a few (important) things. I know some of what I'm missing. I know a bit more of what it takes to be a happy, thriving person, and, dare I say, an adult.
I don't know if I would call it an epiphany, but it was definitely an ah ha moment.
I wish, more than anything, that I could have more moments/nights like that.
It was long overdo.

PS-I have a week left till summer.
PPS-It is Twin and Adult's birthdays.

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