Saturday, February 27

Girl Power, Like You have No Idea

Allow me to tell you a story so chock-full-o-girl power you'd think I was a Spice Girl (just call me Awesome Spice):

It’s Friday night, I just finished eating dinner. On a typical Friday I would then retire to my room to shower, maybe nap, and dress for the evening’s festivities. On this Friday I did return to my room and dress for some festivities, but not the drunken kind. No, these particular festivities were far more wholesome—playing drill instructor for a fitness class.

Oh yes, kids. This little lady spent two hours kicking the asses of 2 friends, Westchester and a random dude (who is kind of creepy and annoying), and 2 RAs, Arab* and Jew** (who I’ve become very dear friends with, surprisingly). And it was, quite possibly, the most fun I’ve ever had in the gym.

These 2 RAs go to the gym almost every day. They lift heavy weights. They’re taking weight lifting as a class. How did little me manage to kick their asses in a work out? Because I know they’re weakness—endurance.

They lift heavy weights, but not that many times. They almost never do cardio. I, on the other hand, am a cardio queen. And when it comes to reps the more the merrier. So I took a workout that I do most Thursday mornings, added a little bit since we had the time, and let the good times role. And by “good times” I mean complaints.

This boys were bitching like little girls less than half-way through the first circuit. And there were still 2 more circuits to go. You have no idea how much I enjoyed watching them struggle and complain while I sailed through the workout (even doing more reps than them) with only slightly more trouble than usual.

After three circuits I finished up the class with 20 minutes of yoga (which they also found difficult). But the end I felt ah-maze-ing and they were dripping sweat. Mission accomplished.

If you feel the urge to kick your own ass (minus my lovely barking) here’s the workout.

20-20 Full Body Circuits:

10-15 minutes of cardio

20 push-ups

20 walking lunges (with weight)

20 chair dips

20 crab walks (10 per direction)(with weight)

repeat weights

10 minutes of cardio

20 curl-to-press

20 deadlifts

20 Kettle Bell swings

20 airborne Heisemens

repeat weights

10 minutes of cardio

20 crew sit-ups

20 boat touches with a medicine ball

20 leg lifts with a ball

20 side dips (10 per side)

1 minute of plank

5 minutes of easy cardio


Think you can handle it?

*Arab-a little skinny Palestinian RA who never drinks, dances, or flirts.

**Jew-a muscle-shirt wearing, tattoo-sporting RA who’s too cheap to pay for an actual latte, so he gets coffee with a shot of vanilla

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