Sunday, November 22

Perfect Before a Pause.

This weekend has been perfect. Better than perfect. Amazing. Really just what I needed after a not-quite stressful week, but a week nonetheless.

Instead of having class at our regular time on Friday my professor (who is so obviously amazing) decided we would go on a ghost tour. It’s a class about urban legends, so it was relevant.

During the time that I was to be traipsing around downtown, the men’s rugby team was supposed to be driving up to State for an unbelievably fun night game. At the last minute it got canceled, which re-injected all my favorite men into my night.

Roomie-Dearest, Ginger and I headed to another soccer party (yes, another). Westchester was noticeably absent because she had some quasi-fling drama to attend to. We ran into quite a few of our posse there and I proceeded to drink entirely too much tequila. After the ride back (which I barely remember) the Minimalist and I retired to his humble abode for a good roll in the hay. At some point after we left Ginger and GoodMan (who she’s had quite a crush on for quite a while) made out then passed out. Apparently he snores.

The next morning I joined my lovely teammates for an almost lovely breakfast before our two hours of warm-up for our last game of the season.

Originally, after being out of commission and barely in commission for so long, the idea of three hours of rugby running didn’t thrill me. But the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. And after days of rain, the ground was soft and perfect for tackling. We were playing a women’s club team, a rag tag group of twentysomething women who talked about their masters degrees and their husbands. They didn’t have enough players so three teammates and I whored ourselves out and switched sides. With so many abnormal circumstances, no one could take the game seriously. So instead of being intense and competitive we played for fun.

My usual team won, the first win of the season, but I couldn’t care less that I wasn’t part of the win. I had too much fun. Afterwards we all gathered at my favorite fire pit in the woods to drink, sing, laugh, and watch four women zulu (run around naked after you score your first tri).

When the other team had to leave, we grabbed our remaining beer and went to watch the men play touch by the lake. Their rescheduled game got canceled, so they struck up another game which, somehow, I got roped into playing. A little tipsy from my social and running in sneakers on muddy grass, my play wasn’t my best, but I loved every minute of it. Especially playing on a team with Brawny Man and two of my other favorite ruggers, DeVirgin* and Big Baby**, and having the Minimalist and my ruggirls cheering me on (the Minimalist not so much cheering as laughing whenever I slipped on the mud).

Due to some unfinished homework I had to depart a few minutes early, much to my dismay. I’m going to miss rugby during the off-season. It has given me quite a few friends, taught me the joys of day drinking and given me an ass that could stop traffic.

Later, in honor of DeVirgin’s early birthday and Sexster’s*** belated birthday, I returned to my favorite fire pit for a keg-fire thrown by my favorite men, sans Country. There Ginger turned her sights to another man with a lip ring, and proceeded to suck Sexster’s face all night. She, being a virgin, didn’t want to go any further then swapping spit, so various people were sent in using various methods in order to cock-block. It eventually worked and Sexster only walked her home. I was, of course, dressed impractically for the weather in boots and a drop-dead-adorable sweater dress which made the Minimalist drool and a couple of guys ask why he didn’t follow me after I left. He promised GoodMan he would help clean up. Luckily he finished early and requested my presence in his bed. I obliged and got my 3rd work out for the day.

And today, I had a lovely lunch and woods walk with Teach**** before helping Big Baby with his statistics. Now, I’m relaxing and reflecting.

This weekend couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s just what I needed to sustain me for the next two weeks, as I’ll miss this weekend of partying while I’m home for Thanksgiving.

*DeVirgin-one of the cutest and nicest guys I’ve met here and a good friend of the Minimalist and co. He’s a senior, dating a ruggirl and lost his virginity last year.

**Big Baby-looks like a big, adorable 4th grader, complete with a bowl-cut.

***Sexster-one of the Minimalist’s roommates. He’s got a lip ring, a nipple piercing and a good libido.

****Teach-formally known as My Shadow. Once we eliminated the romantic aspect of our relationship, he became one of my closest friends. We talk about life and philosophy and war and psychology and spend hours walking through the woods.

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