Sunday, November 8

Adventures from the Road.

The Myrtle Beach trip, which has been in the works since before I started school, which is one of the main reasons the Minimalist and I began talking, is over. I jokingly told him that now it’s over he doesn’t have to pretend to like me. He kissed me in response.

We left a little after noon. Promptly upon entering my car the Minimalist (who was drunk) cracked open a beer and threw my directions in the back seat. That, of course, lead to a good bit of time spent driving in circles on the highway with me threatening (half-heartedly) to throw him out of the car and him laughing. An hour and a half later, we were finally heading in the right direction. In fear that we would be late for the show, or worse that I wouldn’t be able to shower (because after using communal showers for as long as I have, the prospect of a real shower excites me to no end), I did ninety most of the way. Of course, because of the open container, that made the Minimalist nervous. He eventually got over it.

We found the bright blue, drug dealer and prostitute recommended hotel with a little bit of time to spare. Twin, Coco and I exchanged a loud hug the moment the door was open. Introductions were made between Twin, her significant other, Mark*, Coco, her boyfriend, Green Bean**, the Minimalist and me. I changed quickly (vowing to take my shower after the show), the Minimalist poured himself a glass of whiskey (much to the mild dismay of Twin) and we prepared to leave for a quick bite at Subway and the (supposedly) short trek to the venue. What we thought would be a half-mile walk to House of Blues ended up being about 20 miles. Needless to say, we didn’t walk all of it. We crammed our asses in Twin’s car and zoomed down the tourist trap strip to get there just in time to get a nearly perfect spot-in view of the stage, but not in the too-violent pit.

The first bad was so bad I don’t even remember their name. The second band, Thrice, was not nearly as hard as I thought they were going to be. They were actually good at some points. And they mentioned Invisible Children***, so I can’t hate them.

Then came the main event—Brand New. They were amazing, there’s no doubt about that. Though, I would have preferred if they played more of their old songs and didn’t make everything quite so screamo. Regardless of that, seeing them with my best friends and the Minimalist made all the stress of that day (getting lost, speeding, seeing Mark) totally worth it.

We returned to the hotel after, at which point I paused just long enough to medicate myself (all while everyone laughed) and eat an apple before I took a much needed shower. For the rest of the night we watched National Lampoon’s Vacation and made noise. I think Twin was a little wary about the Minimalist’s drinking (he was the only one drinking and it was straight whiskey) and his knife (which he kept under his pillow, like he always does). She was especially scared when I began playing with the knife a bit.

The next morning came quickly, as people yelling in the hallway woke us up. Twin began being loud. Mark was farting. Coco was trying to put her toes in Green Bean’s ear. The Minimalist was just taking it all in.

Eventually and relatively without trauma (save for Coco finding far too many pubes on her unused towel), everyone was ready for breakfast. After several U-turns and some parking lot driving we made it to Bob Evans.

What? You’ve never heard of Bob Evans?

Keep it that way.

It was weird. A southern version of an IHOP, full of old people and cutesy names for food, like a BobB-Q sandwich.

After breakfast we said good-bye. Coco, Twin and I hugged, and it gets less awkward every time we do. Twin promised to pick me up from the airport for Thanksgiving and I promised them a much needed and long overdo Starfucks date.

The ride back was far less eventful and shorter than the ride there.

Overall, a great trip. I’ve missed Twin and Coco dearly. Mark eventually stopped ignoring me. I finally met Green Bean, the guy who is currently making Coco so happy. The Minimalist met my friends, wasn’t completely scared, and will probably continue talking to me.

I like him.

*Mark-warrants no nickname. We’ve had a rough history and this was the first time we’re seen each other since we had a (supposedly) huge fight that I was black out drunk for.

**Green Bean-her tall, happy, cute, funny, marvelous boyfriend.

***Invisible Children-GO. Educate yourself.

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  1. I do so enjoy my daily helping of green beans!
    & also our short but spectacular visits.