Sunday, November 15

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

With special circumstances giving me a Friday free of classes, I wanted to have some fun Thursday night. So I did what I normally do on Thursdays—go over to Cesar, the Minimalist and co’s apartment, watch It’s Always Sunny, eat the Minimalist’s homemade bread and listen as Country* gets increasingly louder (this time until P Safe came and told him they’d been getting complaints). I also asked the Minimalist on a non-descript date in the future and he accepted. It was a good night, but both the Minimalist and I were exhausted, so we went to bed a tad early and didn’t leave it until 1 the next afternoon.Friday night was a typical. There was supposed to be a couple of things on campus, but they were busts so Westchester, Ginger, Roomie-Dearest, the Minimalist, a couple other friends, and I hopped into GoodMan’s car and went off campus to a soccer party.

Allow me to explain a thing or two. Normally, whenever a party is titled with a sport that’s not rugby I avoid it like the plague. It’s just something about that testosterone-fueled team mentality that I’m not okay with. That being said, it was the only party happening that night so I swallowed my logic and went. Another thing that I feel the need to explain—the Minimalist wasn’t in the car because he wanted to hang out with me or because we were supposed to be partying together that night. No, we ran into him and GoodMan at one of the lame parties and pretty much ambushed a ride. He continued being distant the rest of the night.

The soccer party wasn’t bad. At one point Westchester and I ventured outside and found Humps**, who was too drunk to talk. We sat her down by and tree and went to find her friends. With no friends of her’s in sight, we returned to the tree with water only to find she’d disappeared. I later returned to my room and passed out. Let me repeat: my room.

The next morning Westchester and I found out that Humps’ purse (phone, camera, wallet, etc) was found by the side of the road last night and no one has heard from her. We retrieved her belongings from the house that looked ridiculously sketchy in the daylight and begin trying to track her and our perfect champagne flutes down. Two Pier 1s and a couple of hours later, we have found both. We returned to campus and headed over to watch the men and Roomie-Dearest play a lovely little touch rugby game. Due to an absolutely gorgeous day made more gorgeous by the week of horrible weather that preceded it, Westchester and I donned some bikini tops and short-shorts for the occasion.

A quick nap followed by a long shower and we were ready to start the night’s festivities—three bottles of cheap champagne to be drank out of sexy champagne glasses by three girls listening to Frank Sinatra and getting ridiculously dolled up for an Old Hollywood themed formal. Three hours later, we were ready. All of us looked gorgeous (my outfit was completed with black thigh-highs and a black garter belt). Ginger, Mini*** and Nugget**** accompanied us to the event, which reminded me a little bit of a high school dance, but I continuously improved the mood by sneaking shots from my flask in the bathroom.

Not long after we arrived, Westchester decided to ditch the dance and head for the parties, much to my dismay. Then there was the tiniest bit of drama. The Minimalist said he was coming to the formal. I in no way went solely for him, but I would have liked him to see me looking amazing. He eventually came, but only for a minute (though in that minute he did manage to kiss me and compliment my outfit, so I was somewhat satisfied).

Once the formal ended we changed shoes and we were off to the parties. We found a good one on our first try (one which Westchester had been to, but left before it got good). I ran into the Minimalist, but once again, he left not long after. He had been getting sick, but I was still a tad disappointed. The girls and I stayed until the party was almost thin, in which time I smoked my first cigarette since pneumonia with Brawny Man, who too complimented my outfit. After my cigarette I rounded up my posse and we walked back. Ginger and I, feeling particularly sexy due to our excessive alcohol and black lacey underthings, decided that the cars on the road needed to see our asses. So every time a car drove by, we lifted the backs of our dresses and bent over. It was quite nice. We finally reached our dorm and I don’t remember much else.

^Not my or Ginger's actual ass.^

I woke up this morning naked in my own bed with no real recollection of getting there. I’m sure Roomie-Dearest can fill me in once she wakes up.

Overall, a fun girls’ weekend. I would be completely satisfied with it if I had gotten to see more of the Minimalist. Yes he was sick, I know, but I still wanted to see him.

And now I want food and coffee and sleep and for my splitting headache to go away.

*Country-a big senior who drinks three bottles of wine a night and loves Michael Jackson.

**Humps-a former rugger who wears too much sparkle eye shadow.

***Mini-Ginger’s roommate and a darling girl.

****Nugget-the cutest, tiniest Peruvian girl I’ve ever met.

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