Monday, October 26

Spring Break, Fall Edition

From October 17 to October 24 I drove 873.6 miles; roughly 14 hours. All that driving allowed me to...

Eat a ton of crab. Crab cakes. Crab ravioli. Crab legs. I love crab.

Make a Boston Cream Pie for Papa’s 57th birthday, then get in a fight with my sister about whether it is the cream in the middle or the chocolate on top that is the Cream in the title, (FYI-it’s the cream in the middle) then tell her if she doesn’t like the cream then she doesn’t like Boston Cream Pie and she shouldn’t eat it.

Listen to my sister talk about whiskey and doobies at a nice restaurant.

Do crazy work out videos with Papa.

Try raw oysters.

Shop at H&M.

Wake up in a bed overlooking the beach two mornings in a row with the Minimalist.

Drink professionally made drinks. (P.S.-I now love electric lemonades, not anything with milk)

Get really black out drunk WITH the Minimalist (as opposed to just one of us being black out) and take a cold shower (which everyone thought we were having sex in).

Find my belt and the Minimalist’s phone in my car two days later with no idea how they got there.

Listen to a ton of great music, including but not limited to: Billy Joel, James Wallace and the Naked Light, The Killers, Jimmy Eat World, Sufjan Stevens, Cold War Kids.

Earn some money babysitting my sister where all I had to do was feed her, make some chocolate lollipops with her, and watch a ton of Animal Plant.

Sleep past 9am.

Reaffirm my knowledge that a GPS, while helpful, is a crutch and that I have a pretty good sense of direction.

Collect shells and sea glass from 2 different beaches.

Do my laundry for free.

Watch TV, which is always strange considering I don’t have one in my room so I never watch it.

Sleep in a queen bed.

Cook and go shopping for delicious, but unusual foods from my new favorite super market: Trader Joes.

Play with a dog, which I have missed terribly.

Book my plane ticket to go home over Thanksgiving (for the first time since I moved in, which will be completely bizarre).

Find out that my adopted city ranked #4 on the list of cities with the ugliest men.

Hold the Minimalist’s hand as we walked down the beach (which was apparently a big deal to his friends as they all made of point of oohing and ahhing about it).

Miss the Minimalist (but only a wee little bit).

Detox and metox from my hectic lifestyle of bad food, little sleep, long days and lots of drinking.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful break. And now I’m back at College, with one day and one 8:30 class behind me. This week promises to be another hectic one as I finish a big project, write an article for the paper, begin a big research paper with a partner (gasp!), and partake of all of the many Halloween festivities. This Halloween Roomie-Dearest, Westchester* and I are going to be Charlie’s Angels.

And yes, my entire costume is stilettos, leggings and a scarf.

P.S.-Roomie-Dearest and I have finally decided on a name for our room. It's going to be called (and decorated accordingly) The Discotheque.

*Westchester-one of my dearest and most devilishly delightful friends here. She makes me laugh and reminds me of my roots.

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