Saturday, October 3

Fight! Fight! Fight?

For the second time in not nearly long enough, I feel the need to justify some very bitchy behavior on my part. The behavior in question occurred Thursday, but has roots much further back.

There is this girl, Chinless Witch*, that has a bit of history with the Minimalist. They never dated. They fucked. He may or may not have taken her virginity. He did treat her like shit, though. It ended about a year ago and she’s still not over it.

If he did take her V-card I can understand her still being a little sore about the situation. If he didn’t, then she’s more unnecessarily dramatic and childish than I thought. Whether her anger is justified or not, she’s angry and not just at the Minimalist. She’s taking her anger out on me.

Therapist says: women are conditioned not to be aggressive, especially not towards men. So instead of going against her conditioning and being outwardly aggressive, instead of passive aggressive, towards a man (the Minimalist), she’s taking her anger out on me because she believes that I replaced her, thus am better than her.

Well, both her and Therapist are right-I am better than her.

This past Thursday I was out with the Minimalist and co at a Thirsty party when the Minimalist got a text. Like all texts from Chinless Witch he let me read it:

“you should come hang out with coosie** and i because we’re better than kara.”

Oh no she fucking didn’t! That bitch did not just say that!

Oh yes she did.

The gauntlet has been thrown (using improper grammar and no capitalization). And after much fuming and making out (because apparently it’s a turn-on when I get angry) I threw it right back (though since I was texting on the Minimalist’s phone, she thinks it was him):

“Well at least Kara has a chin.”

While they may not sound like a good retort, it was because 1) she really doesn’t have a chin and 2) she sent two or three texts after that one about how much of an ass the Minimalist is and insisting she does have a chin. Apparently, I hit a soft spot.

My intent was just to put the Witch in her place and leave it at that. I had, acting as the Minimalist, defended myself and shown her that that type of behavior was not to be tolerated. I had also aroused my man and won some points with Cesar for my willingness to be straight-forward and hold my own. We all had a good laugh and I was ready to drop it. That didn’t happen, though.

The Minimalist kept egging me on and I’m easily influenced so more texts were exchanged. One, in response to her calling me “that freshman” included the phrase “wizard sleeve” used Borat style (which means in reference to her vag). Things deteriorated rapidly from there. She started calling. I answered once, she hung up. She may or may not have found out it was me texting her. She may or may not have started crying. The Minimalist and I kind of ran away from her at one point. Bad stuff in general.

Once the Minimalist and I got back to his place he turned off his phone and proceeded to teach me how to safely pull a knife on someone, just in case. He found that appealing, too, so needless to say the lesson didn’t last too long.

Wink. Wink.

The moral-I promise I’m not a bitch. I should have been the bigger person and ignored her and her petty behavior, but I didn’t so I wasn’t. Now, I think I’ve made my first ever real, justified enemy. And frankly, I don’t like the idea of that. Even less than that do I like the idea of my behavior having any impact on the Minimalist, even though he claims he doesn’t care.

The only good thing that came out of that night was meeting a yoga instructor and having some pretty amazing sex. Does that even out? I guess we’ll see next time I run into Chinless Witch.

*Chinless Witch-the insults say it all.

**Coosie-the fourth roommate, also known as the silent roommate because he’s always with his girlfriend. Also, during the P Safe search, his room was declared a health hazard.

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