Saturday, March 6

Spring Broken


2:30- With a lot of money in hand, I head off to the ABC Store (liquor store) with a 21 year old ruggirl to buy an obscene amount of booze for spring break.

2:45- The manager at the ABC Store decides that her state ID isn’t a valid form of proof so she can’t buy me obscene amounts of booze.

4:00- The ruggirl and I, now with another 21 year old, finally succeed at buying my liquor at the same ABC Store. But not before the new 21 year old has to get a special permit to transport the alcohol because apparently it’s illegal to transport this much alcohol without a permit.

4:45- We make our second stop at Total Wine and More, a giant store with almost every kind of wine, beer and champagne imaginable all at rock bottom prices.

5:20- In the process of leaving so the 21 year old can buy all the beer and champagne, the ruggirl and I get questioned about why we were in the store. The 21 year old is almost not allowed to buy all of the goodies.

6:00- I’m in a car with Westchester, Ginger, Crazy and another girl heading to watch the men ruggers play a much anticipated night game.

10:00- We return, thoroughly drunk, from watching the men lose a hard-fought and controversial game.


10:00- In attempting to pack my car I realize that the alcohol takes up over half my trunk space. Luckily, Mr. Jackson is also driving so he can carry the lesser-important clothes while I bring the booze and foodstuffs.

1:45- I’m happily cuddling with the Minimalist until his friend barges in and announces that Campus Life is doing health and safety inspections early. That means the Minimalist and his apartment has about 15 minutes to get rid of their almost-impressive, definitely-disgusting collection of empty cans, bottles, handles and cases.

2:10- Less than 5 minutes after we clear the last (of about 15) trash bags full of contraband trash out of the apartment Campus Life knocks on the door. Luckily, our herculain cleaning efforts were successful and they escape any trouble.

3:00- Westchester, Frenchie and I are finally on our way to Vagina Bitch for a week of drinking, cooking and relaxation.

3:37- Spring break almost turned into Spring Broken when by the grace of deities and sheer good karma I very very very very very very narrowly avoid 1) crashing into a car in front of me, 2) getting rear-ended, and 3) being hit on the side by a very large Uhaul van all because a stupid car a few cars ahead decided to slam on their breaks. In the fast lane.

7:00- We arrive at Papa’s humble homestead where we nom on some dinner and wait for Roomie-Dearest and Mr. Jackson to arrive.

9:00- Finally, all of the booze is laid out in front of us and we stand in awe of all the awesomeness.

3 handles of Smirnoff

2 handles of Sailor Jerry’s

1 fifth Aristocrap tequila

1 fifth Jose Cuervo platinum tequila

2 fifths Triple Sec

12 Blue Moon

12 Yuengling

6 Natty Green’s Buckshot

6 Natty Green’s Old Town

2 handles Cook’s champagne

1 bottle raspberry champagne

and a few random drops that were left over in our fridges and this fridge.

I’ll let you know what I remember.

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