Saturday, September 5

A True Gemini

Just like there are two sides to a coin and a gemini, there are two sides to Kara. It always amuses me when those two sides coincide.

There is the girly side. That side puts on make-up and pretty dresses and frilly panties even if no one will see them. She adores her curves and never wants to lose them. She walks with a certain sway in her hips and throws her head back as she laughs. She enjoys the company of a good man, loves a glass of something delicately bubbly or fruity and hates to sleep alone (regardless of sex), which is why I woke up this morning in the Minimalist’s bed with just enough time to dash to my room, change and dash out for a little pampering in the form of a much needed haircut.

Gasp! Did she? She did! She wouldn’t!

Yes, I did get a haircut. Ha! But enough of your gasping and scandalized looks. A lady never kisses and tells, but I can tell you there’s nothing to not be told. Every girl deserves a good man to wake up to and this morning (and hopefully many mornings to come) that man was the Minimalist.

Then there’s my other side, which I refuse to dub my boy side. No, that’s my more adventurous, low maintenance side. That’s the side that can and does go hiking through the many trails to be discovered and enjoyed around campus. That girl isn’t afraid of bugs or dirt or wet grass. She eats big, spicy burritos and scoops up the fallen bits with chips. She never turns down a beer or something stronger and knows how to hop a fence without any injury. She also plays rugby.

Gasp! Does she? She does! She can’t!

Yes, I’m a rugger. A rugger-in-training is more accurate. Regardless of what I’m called, I play rugby. How did little Kara, the girl without an athletic bone in her unintimidating body, end up playing the sport of European hooligans with drinking problems? For just that reason. Having gone through all 18 years of my life without actually hitting anyone or showing any true aggression, I’m tingling with excitement at the prospect of seeing what lurks beneath my soft, unbroken skin and bones.

And today, those two sides will coexist-a solar eclipse of Kara is on the horizon. After a thoroughly girl-worthy morning I’m going to be spending my afternoon watching a men’s rugby game with the Minimalist and a collection of my fellow female ruggers, all the while flirting with the Minimalist’s girlfriend, whiskey. That will be followed by a night with a bottomless cup and an untappable keg, the Minimalist and maybe some more frilly panties.

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